The power of fabrics without slogans’ gives a voice and puts faces to the often silent resistance of people across the world – frequently women – who are fighting for the survival of their families and their communities and for the social cohesion of their daily reality. In word and image the pain and sorrow of their struggle, but also their incredible strength and resilience, their creativity and sense of initiative in situations of displacement and trauma are expressed in this exhibition and book project. Writer Samira Bendadi and photographer Mashid Mohadjerin approach the major current issues within the sphere of migration and cultural identity, starting from individual and personal testimonies that cross religious, cultural and national boundaries. Their search began in Antwerp, but the stories they tell take us to Paris, Beirut, Aleppo, Kabul and other parts of the world. Textiles are the common thread throughout the book and the exhibition, forming both literally and figuratively the connecting element between people, communities and cultures.
This project became a book, published by Hannibal and an exhibition and a Billboard Project.