More than 100 years have passed since the October revolution of 1917. Today, between billboards and fastfood chains there is a revolutionary spirit lurking, connecting young idealists who dream of a new Russia with more than just capitalistic freedom.

LGBT rights activists, a center for victims of torture, activists protecting Russian history and historic buildings from being turned into modern skyscrapers, women’s rights activists, Alexei Navalny campaign supporters, members of the Flying Spagetti Monster are among those who were present at the large demonstrations on the streets of St Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. These are some of their faces.

German Malkov, tours on the rooftops of Saint Petersburg. He escaped from an alcoholic mom at a very young age and started working as a repairman. He devoted his spare time to the Naval campaign and protested on the streets of his city against the current system. Saint petersburg, Russia.Andrej Potapov is heterosexual but is actively fighting for LTGB rights in Russia. His parents threw him out of the house and he moved to Saint Petersburg and survived by himself. Saint Petersburg, Russia